Admission Committee

The Admissions Committee is accountable for the student admissions in the college. The selection is purely provisional and always subject to the confirmation from the Anna University /Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai.

Mode of Selection

B. E. Degree Program-First Year:
• Based on the cut off marks obtained in the higher secondary examinations.
• Cut off mark=200(100 for mathematics and 100 for physics + chemistry).
BE Degree Program-Direct Second Year Lateral Entry:
• Based on the percentage marks obtained in the diploma examination.

Committee Members:

1 Dr. D. Ravindran, Principal Convener
2 Mr. A. NiyasAhamed, AP/ ECE Coordinator
3 Dr. A. VimalaEbenazer, HOD/ CIVIL Member
4 Dr. A. Annalakshmi, HOD/CSE Member
5 Mrs. R. S. Bini, HoD I/C/ECE Member
6 Mr. S. Sundararajan, HoD I/c /EEE Member
7 Mr.A.L.Karthikeyan, HoD I/c /MECH Member
8 Mr. J Ravi, Physical Director Member