[framedbox title=”Hostel Facilities”]
The Thamirabharani Engineering College being a college which encompasses students from various places provides accommodation for both girls and boys in independent hostels. Each room in a hostel is highly ventilated and is being provided with a wooden cot, a steel table, a chair, a steel bureau, and a ceiling fan.
A badminton court is placed in the corridor of the hostel. Various games like chess and carom board is provided.
Football, Volleyball and Kabaddi are played by the students everyday at the respective grounds in TEC’s premises.

[framedbox title=”Mess Facilities”]
The Mess in TEC is equipped with excellent furniture, ceiling fans and purified portable water. Messes are provided with good cooking facility and fueled through gas. Students are being served with high quality and neat vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Dining Timings
Breakfast: 8.00.A.M.TO 8.45.A.M.
Lunch: 12.15.P.M.TO 12.55.P.M.
Snacks & Tea: 5.00.P.M.TO 5.20.P.M.
Dinner: 8.00P.M.TO 8.30.P.M.

[framedbox title=”Transportation”]
For the convenient and comfortable transportation of the day-scholar students and staff the college has two vans plying through a distance of 60 kms covering neighboring places which includes Kovilpatti, Valliyoor, Sankarankovil, Tenkasi. The transportation for the students is arranged at an affordable price considering the safety of the students.

[framedbox title=”Internet”]
Thamirabharani Engineering College extends a wide range of network as far as internet is concerned. The entire college is covered with a state-of-the-art campus network.

[framedbox title=”Library”]

TEC library supports the institute’s program of study and research. Institute Archives, offer access to a wide range of materials, both printed and electronic. The collection includes

  • More than 4220 books
  • Online Journal Subscriptions
  • Both Indian and international journals
  • Standard Newspapers
  • E library facility

The library seeks to create and manage an environment that supports learning and research, and fosters a sense of community at TCE. The spacious reading area lends a calm and comfortable atmosphere for students and faculty members to pursue excellence in academic activity. It goes without saying that the library is equipped with all modern facilities at par with international standards. In pursuit of these goals, the library expects users to follow the rules.


Staff Accessibility : 8.50am To 4.05pm
Students Accessibility : 10.30am To 10.45am | 12.15pm To 12.55pm | 4.05pm To 5.30pm

General Rules

Members are required to carry their Identity Card at all times and must show them at the request of the Library Staff. It is essential to submit Identity Card during checkout and check-in transactions of library items

Silence must be observed in the Library. It is not permitted to work in-group and study verbally in the Library. Users should switch off their mobile phones Chairs, study tables terminals and printers should not be moved around.

Mutilation of library materials and damage to library property are serious offences. The members shall be responsible for any damage done to the documents or any other property belonging to the Library, and shall be required to replace such books/property damaged or to pay the value thereof.

Taking food and beverage to the Library and smoking is forbidden.

[framedbox title=”Laboratory”]

  • Basic Computing Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Advanced Computer Laboratory
  • Case Tools Laboratory
  • Internet Laboratory
  • Networking Laboratory
  • Compiler Design Laboratory
  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • System Software & Database Management Laboratory
  • Hardware Laboratory