The present research policy of TEC aims to help faculty and students to achieve excellence and contributescientific knowledge to organisations and society.Research and developmental activities not only creates and disseminates knowledge in diverse fields but also promotes innovation. Research is the foundation of knowledge that promotes research publications, leads to industrial collaborations and thereby serve the community fulfilling the mission objectives. Thus it necessitates better learning and teaching among faculties and students of our college as these are already incorporated in the courses to some extent. The institute shall create conducive environment by allocating the necessary space and other facilities, partial funding, and other resources for research programmes based on the scholarly merits of the proposed research. It shall also provide many opportunities to researchers in pursuing Ph.D., submitting research proposals and reports, publications, patent filing, etc.The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities may be carried out.



  • To create and promote a culture of research among the faculty and staff of TEC.
  • To encourage the faculty and students to publish papers in reputed journals, indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and/or atleast to UGC standards with impact factor.
  • To ensure efficient research work by arranging presentation session for researchers with management and senior faculty.
  • To organize seminars/conferences/workshops on research topics and training programmes in research methodology. Quality publications, presentations in National/International conferences.
  • Generation of Intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome and other similar research activity.
  • To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  • To publish research material in appropriate media and to make available such published information to the end users.
  • To facilitate the publication of reports submitted by the research scholars
  • Establish Research Centers within TEC with potential for Excellence.
  • Forge interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with companies.
  • To identify research areas and specify research topics of academic, practical and socially relevant significance
  • To find solutions to the problems of industry through new ideas which ultimately will benefit the society.
  • Research output will be considered one of the criteria for faculty recruitment and promotion along with other academic responsibilities.
  • Faculty promotion may significantly depend on research undertaken.
  • Research techniques should not violate established professional ethics pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain on animals.
  • The Principal will initiate, promote and monitor the research activities in the institution with the support of the Heads of the different Departments and few members of the faculty designated by the Management.