“To be a Centre of Excellence in Research & Development by promoting research in emerging frontier areas of Science and Engineering”


  • To create and promote a culture of research among the faculty and students of TEC.
  • To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research
  • To encourage the faculty and students to publish papers in reputed journals, indexed in Scopus/Web of Science/UGC with impact factor.
  • To motivate the faculty and students to participate and present research papers in National/International conferences.
  • To organize seminars/conferences/workshops/ training and get financial assist from various funding agencies.
  • To provide facilities for the publication of reports submitted by the faculty and students.
  • To publish research material in appropriate media and to make available such published information to the end users.
  • To establish Research Centres within TEC and undertake consultancy activities.
  • To get funding research projects offered by various agencies such as DRDO, BRNS, ISRO, DST, AICTE, UGC, etc., 
  • Generation of intellectual property with potential for commercialization, socially useful outcome and other similar research activities.

Research laboratory

Renewable Energy Data Analysis & Signal Processing Laboratory

Major Equipments in research laboratory:

  • Grid connected 1KWp solar PV system
  • Micro Wind energy generator
  • 100W Fuel cell with hydrogen cylinder
  • Solar PV Emulator
  • VLSI FPGA -CPLD Advanced Trainer Module
  • DSP processor Trainer module
  • Embedded processor trainer module
  • LASER transmitter and Receiver
  • PC with MATLAB software

 Thrust Areas of Research:

  • Modelling and simulation of energy systems
  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in energy generation systems
  • Real time, on-line signal processing, data analysis, and noise analysis