Institutional Best Practice 1:

Title of the Practice: Intervention clusters of 13 clubs facilitating Participatory Management by Students

The objective of the clubs is to provide an Eco-system to the students through skill development activities, to enrich their technical, communication, inter and intrapersonal skills resulting in their overall personality improvement.

The Institution organizes several skill development activities and programmes in parallel to the academics and provides the semester wise schedule to the students in advance through event calendar. The institution has department wise clubs to enhance their academic skills in the core domain. Other clubs are actively involved in programmes centered on Self development, Society related activities, Youth Fitness awareness.

Students are given the responsibility to organize the events conducted by various clubs. These activities enrich our students to develop strong leadership, organizing, personality and interpersonal traits.

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Institutional Best Practice 2:

Title of the Practice: Skill training programsby alumni for the enrichment of their juniors and to increase placement. 

Thamirabharani Engineering College was founded with the noble vision to raise professionals and leaders of high academic calibre and unblemished character, nurtured with a strong motivation and commitment to serve humanity. TEC aims at educating & training its students to become not only competent professionals but also excellent human beings to influence the quality of life of people around.

Thamirabharani Engineering College was established with the goal of producing outstanding students in Technical and Business fields and preparing them to tackle the challenges of a dynamic and rapidly changing world. The management implements an interdisciplinary approach to the programs of Anna University, making sure that practical applications are combined with the classroom material. All the programs offered by the institute are recognized by and affiliated to statutory bodies like the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). In a nutshell, Thamirabharani Engineering College is a co-educational, residential, technological college imparting holistic education to develop the technical and the character of the students. To emerge as one of the leading engineering colleges to disseminate knowledge by providing students a unique learning experience in science, technology, and to achieve greater recognition.

TEC create and propagate knowledge in a scrupulous scholastic environment. TEC creates an environment to transfer the intellectual knowledge from our developed alumni to our budding talents to enhance the skillset of the students. TEC maintain a standard of excellence by providing a learning environment where professional development flourish and create students with academic excellence and practical skill set needed to face modern challenges. We at Thamirabharani Engineering College, strive to bring out and nurture the talents and skills of youth with qualitative technical education, motivate them to be self-disciplined and develop their competence to face the challenges of globalization.

The utilization of this practice brought continuous development and employment. The alumni from JRK Consultancy Services came to TEC campus to train and develop the presently studying students. The practiceaided in achieving excellent placement record. The practice also brought continuous placement in the same company.

The alumni knowledge transfer is aided in achieving continuous placement in JRK Consultancy Services, Chennai. During the year 2021-2022, five students got selected in the JRK. After the successful implementation of this practice. The placement in JRK increased during the 2022-2023 year and ten students got placed. 

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