S.No Dept Name of the faculty Title of the Patent Application No. Status
1.         ECE Mr. A. Niyas Ahamed IoT Based Smart Robot for HAVC Duct Cleaning 364914-001 Granted
2.         ECE Mr. A. Niyas Ahamed Solar Water Distillation System 358475-001 Granted


CIVIL Mr. M. A. Raja
CSE Ms. M Suganthi
3.         ECE Mr. A. Niyas Ahamed (Inventor) Designing a Micro Jammer to Avoid Explosion in Petrol Station Due to Mobile Usage 202141011262 Published
EEE Mrs. S. Nazrin Salma (Inventor)
4.         ECE Mr. A. Niyas Ahamed A LORA WAN Infrastructure Based Smart Trash Bin Level and Hazardous Gas Management System 202241030489 Published
5.         ECE Dr. S. Murugan A METHOD AND DEVICE: REAL TIME MONITORING OF PATIENTS 201941044451A Published
6.         MECH Dr. D. Ravindran Multipurpose Domestic Cleaner 201841037690A Published
7.         MECH Dr. D. Ravindran Heat Resisting Intermediate panel for cold items container – produced through charcoal waste of water treatment plant 5533/CHE/204 A Published
8.         S&H Dr. S. Selvakumar A novel organic fertilizer based on leaves and nano formulation process 202241056437 A Published
9.         S&H Dr. S. Selvakumar Waste water treatment and recycling using nano catalytic electrolysis technology 202241066889 A Published
10.     CSE Dr.A.Annalakshmi Designing a micro jammer to avoid explosion in petrol stations due to mobile usage Filed
11.     ECE Mr. V.Arunachalam Designing a micro jammer to avoid explosion in petrol stations due to mobile usage Filed
12.     ECE Mr. S. R. Sam Kingsley Wearable life saving micro-tracker for fishermen at the time of disasters 202141018143 Filed
13.     ECE Ms. G. Shanmugapriya Wearable Life Saving Micro Tracker for Fisherman at the time of Disasters Filed
14.     ECE Ms. G. Shanmugapriya IoT based Smart Robot for HVAC duct Cleaning Filed